Cryotherapy Atlanta

What Cryotherapy in Atlanta Is All About

Cryotherapy Atlanta

Cryotherapy  Atlanta is a familiar term used in neurology which means localized freezing. The main purpose of the localized freezing procedure is to ensure that localized pain from irritable nerves is contained. Such kind of extreme discomfort arises from abnormal growth of nerves which later leads to entrapment, hence the pain. It is, therefore, crucial for patients to consult a neurologist for a checkup once they experience unusual pain.

There are different kinds of nerve irritation which make visiting a specialist is very important. Cryotherapy Atlanta should also be carried out in a hospital since they do have the right equipment hence increasing the chances of a successful procedure.

Different individuals have different reactions to cryotherapy Atlanta. For instance, there are those who only experience numbness while there are those who experience reddening on and around the frozen areas. Doctors will know how to react to different side effects appropriately and effectively.

The Medical Conditions That Call for a Patient to Undergo Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been known for treating quite a number of medical conditions. Most of these medical conditions are nerve related which require localized freezing. One such condition is intercostal neuralgia which is a term for nerve irritation between the ribs. Hypo-gastric neuromas and interdigital neuromas are also other cases of nerve entrapment that may result in excruciating pain.

Cryotherapy Atlanta


Seeing a specialist will be important as they will come up with a better way of using the procedure to treat these conditions. Cryotherapy Atlanta can also be used in the successful treatment of nerve related condition called neuromas. Neuromas are the abnormal growth of nerves which, in the end, leads to entrapment. With nerve entrapment, a lot of pain and discomfort come to the patient.

The Side Effects of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is known to have its fair share of side effects. But on the upside, all of the side effects are usually mild and don’t last for long. One of the most common side effects of this medical procedure is numbness. A patient may also experience localized redness as a result of having sensitive skin.

The skin irritation is caused by nerve irritation, and that is why it is essential for the procedure to be carried out by a licensed doctor. Visiting a good, reputable hospital is also advisable since they will have the right equipment as well as experienced, highly-qualified staff to treat you. Nerve related growth and entrapment can be a painful experience and that is why consulting a doctor as soon as possible is advisable.

The side-effects of the localized freezing procedure (cryotherapy Atlanta) aren’t long lasting. But if a patient experiences prolonged numbness, redness or itchiness long after the procedure is done, and then consulting a physician will be in their best interests.